<strong>New Business Incubation</strong>

New Business Incubation

Fidelity Labs rapidly develops new products and businesses to revolutionize the financial wellbeing of Fidelity’s current and future customers. Our internal incubators—made up of product managers, designers, developers and growth hackers—identify emerging opportunities adjacent to Fidelity’s core business. Their passion combined with digital first, human-centered design and agile methodologies create solutions designed to drive transformational shifts and impact at scale.

<strong>Innovation Catalyst</strong>

Innovation Catalyst

Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT) helps Fidelity’s clients and businesses imagine the possibilities of new ideas and emerging technologies to enhance the customer experience. Our ideas begin with outside in research and academic partnerships and evolve through user testing. They come to life through prototypes that lay the foundation for new products and services. Whether it’s virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital currencies or blockchains, we’re testing it out and looking for new ways of using it to improve people’s financial lives.

This is Us


We founded TEDxBoston.

We took over an auditorium to watch Watson win Jeopardy on live TV.

We teach Design Thinking to high school kids.

We work with IDEO, the Harvard iLab, MIT Media Lab, and Stanford d.school.

We have hosted Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Arianna Huffington, and General Stanley McChrystal.

We make it a priority to talk to customers as often as possible.


Charitable giving with bitcoin

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4 Ways to Foster the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Explorers, visionaries, and makers wanted

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We average 12 patents a year.

We created the first investing app for a smartwatch.

We make prototypes with everything from pom poms to fly swatters.

Our work spaces are flexible and ever changing.

We have offices in the US, India, Ireland, China, and the UK.

We own 2 of the first 50 NVIDIA DGX-1 artificial intelligence supercomputers.