Collaborating to research blockchain technologies

By Steve Austin

Emerging digital assets, smart contracts, and other blockchain-based applications have the potential to transform financial services in the future—potentially altering the industry landscape and status quo.

As part of our long-term commitment to blockchain technologies, Fidelity has joined The Initiative for CryptoCurrencies & Contracts, known as IC3, to join faculty members at Cornell University, Cornell Tech, UC Berkeley, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, and the Technion, along with leading technology companies, to take part in IC3. Our team at Fidelity Labs is collaborating with domain experts, entrepreneurs, and others to explore blockchain-based programs that will make tomorrow’s financial systems more flexible, transparent, efficient and secure. Read more about the consortium here.

IC3 was founded to advance the development of blockchain technology and applications by making its collective world-class expertise in cryptography, distributed systems, game theory, and programming languages available to industry partners. IC3 is based at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech in New York City. We are the first in financial services to join this initiative, which is expected to improve institutional transaction speed and transparency, while setting even higher standards for confidentiality and security.

Together, we will explore a rich spectrum of new financial instruments and business tools that could someday improve the Fidelity customer experience, working alongside some of the best researchers, faculty, and students in the space. Expected outcomes of our work with the IC3 initiative include new blockchain and smart contract technologies that are secure, incrementally deployable, and efficient to meet the industry’s needs.