Fidelity Labs Tests Digital Wallet on

By Hadley Stern

It’s an exciting day here in Fidelity Labs, where we just launched a test that provides Fidelity customers with the ability to see their digital asset balances as part of their portfolio of investment accounts, directly on the Fidelity website.

For this test, we partnered with Coinbase, a well-known digital wallet and digital asset exchange platform. This customer test follows our successful employee pilot, which was announced by our Chairman and CEO, Abby Johnson, in a speech at Consensus 2017 in May.

How it works

Individual Fidelity customers can now authorize Coinbase to provide Fidelity with data on holdings in their Coinbase wallet accounts. Once integrated, investors can view their Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin balances alongside other accounts in their Fidelity Portfolio Summary View on

As digital assets continue to proliferate, they are becoming much more widely accepted. Would it be helpful to view your digital asset holdings as part of your overall financial picture? I know I find it useful, but we’re eager to hear what Fidelity’s customers have to say. As in all of our protoypes, feedback from end users will help us understand the level of interest in this type of access, and to test the overall experience and functionality.

Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies are emerging from their infancy, but mass adoption is still many years away. Just as many other technologies have done in the past, Bitcoin and blockchain could transform how we manage our finances.

Our research in digital assets is evolving, from simple employee-only tests (such as the day I bought lunch using bitcoin in our employee cafeteria) to a broad customer pilot like the one we launched today.