The importance of designing VR for business

By Amanda Voodre

At Fidelity Labs, we have a team dedicated to exploring the use of new and emerging technologies to help business units throughout the firm. Most recently, the team has been exploring the possibility of using virtual reality as a way to improve interactions with customers.

The key to success, says Vice President of Product Management Adam Schouela, is that virtual reality allows us to better understand and manipulate massive amounts of data.

The team and its work was recently featured in an article published on the InVision Blog where designer Maxx Anderson further explains the benefits:

“Right now, we’re kind of constrained. We’re so used to 2-D in the financial industry. You look at dashboards and data on the S&P 500 or the DOW and it’s all 2-dimensional. But in VR, you could literally surround yourself in data. You could favor certain markets and they’d move closer to you. You could have an entire environment that’s a virtual market.”

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