A Fidelity first: HTC VIVE™, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Amazon Sumerian

By Adam Schouela

Fidelity is first to demonstrate the potential of collaboration in the new VR web browsing experience from HTC VIVE™, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Amazon Sumerian

Think about the last time you made a big decision about your finances. You probably used a search engine and went to a bunch of different websites to do research. Then you probably talked to someone about your choice, such as a spouse or a friend. That person may live far away, so you might have connected by phone, email, or video. Then you might have met with an advisor or completed your transaction online.

That’s a lot of work in a lot of different places and at a lot of different times.

What if you could have a meaningful conversation with all the people you trust, accessing and visualizing useful information together in real time, from anywhere in the world, all in one place?

This is the future we are imagining with the Virtual Chart Room, the first web-based hybrid virtual reality and voice application for analyzing investments. Last spring, we worked with Amazon Sumerian service to design a prototype in which a user could interact with a virtual host named Cora. Through voice commands, the user could ask Cora to display a chart, a stock quote, or other investing-related information.

But we know that decisions around investing are often complex. They involve research and discussion. We were excited by the Virtual Chart Room’s potential to support not only the information retrieval, but the conversations that happen around investing, so we spent the next several months adding multi-user collaboration in the virtual environment.

We were honored to debut the new experience, which is designed for the HTC VIVE™ virtual reality headset and supported by Mozilla’s FireFox browser, at HTC’s VR Showcase at the Wynn Hotel at the Consumer Electronics Show.

As I wrote about when we launched the first iteration of Virtual Chart Room last spring, Sumerian’s unique combination of virtual reality and voice gave us the opportunity to search and display large volumes of information in a way that was fast and simple for the user. Voice commands make it easy to ask for and get the information you want, and virtual reality lets you see and understand data in new ways.

Our collaboration with HTC, Mozilla, and Amazon Web Services is a great example of Fidelity’s commitment to experimenting with new technologies to help our customers experience their financial lives in the best possible way. The ability for an investor to interact with a trusted advisor in a voice-enabled VR environment opens up a world of possibilities for how customers may interact with their finances in the future.

In the meantime, we are continuing to fine-tune the Virtual Chart Room experience to make it better support people’s needs in having conversations around their finances. Because at the end of the day, we see technology’s value as facilitating human interactions, not replacing them.

HTC VIVE™, Mozilla’s Firefox, Amazon Sumerian and Fidelity Investments are independent entities and are not legally affiliated.


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