Building Blocks:

My Journey So Far

By Ryan Stuebe

How past experiences are inspiring my path forward.

When I joined Fidelity as an Intern in 2015, the message from the program’s leaders was clear: learn as much as you can, challenge yourself and have fun! That summer, I learned about Fidelity, its diverse businesses and vibrant culture. My experience was so positive, that when I was invited to return full-time after graduation, the decision was a no-brainer.

Three years have passed, and I’ve worked in a number of different roles across the firm. I began my journey working in Risk Management in Fidelity’s Operations and Services Group. It was there that I learned about the traditional aspects of finance – markets, trading, financial instruments and the like. A year later, I was tapped to work in a small group evaluating the impact of Blockchain on the brokerage space. This was my first foray into Blockchain technology and I quickly recognized the potential for the widescale disruption of financial services. My work in the group introduced me to some cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts (now my colleagues!) working to understand the underpinnings of the technology, the burgeoning ecosystem surrounding it and potential implications for Fidelity. Those encounters led me to my current role in Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT)’s Blockchain Incubator.

The Blockchain Incubator is exploring digital assets, blockchain protocols, and emerging blockchain-related topics. We are stress testing the technology and experimenting with applications in an effort to determine its viability for widespread adoption five to ten years from now. Specifically, I’m working with Fidelity’s business units to identify and test potential use cases and helping to educate associates so that they can identify and test Blockchain use cases on their own.

There are still many questions about the future of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. The Incubator is working hard to identify solutions for some barriers to adoption, such as privacy, scalability and governance. FCAT’s commitment to improving the client experience through emerging technologies could be furthered by Blockchain, which is designed to improve the human experience at the most fundamental level. Now we have the great opportunity to help write the narrative on how Blockchain will change financial services and the world.

As for me, I come to work every day excited about the possibilities that lie ahead – still learning as much as I can, testing the boundaries of what’s possible and having so much fun doing it.



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