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Bits and Blockers

We are inspired by the future possibilities of blockchain technologies, but before we can realize their full potential we need to overcome some blockers. If you believe you can help us overcome them, we want to hear from you.

Bits and Blockers


Blockchain could be truly revolutionary, but there are still questions to answer about the core technology and important tradeoffs to consider as blockchain systems grow. We are particularly interested in issues around scalability and privacy.


The speed of blockchain innovation is remarkable. This rapid change poses both opportunities and challenges for regulators. We are interested in building products that comply with regulation and protect our customers.


With blockchain, control is inherently distributed – and that’s a good thing. But companies don’t always have clarity about the future path that blockchain platforms may take, or how to influence these communities for good. We want to ensure that blockchain systems grow with robust governance where needed.


Blockchain was created for people. We need to identify use cases for it that drive clear benefits for individuals and institutions. We need our new systems to be not only technically better, but also more user friendly. We aim to build products that delight our customers.

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